Iyengar Yoga


Endorsed by B.K.S. Iyengar, this trademark denotes the teacher’s authenticity and commitment to the Iyengar method of yoga.


This is the Iyengar Yoga certification mark. Only fully qualified and insured Iyengar Yoga teachers who maintain their teaching practice at the highest level can display this logo and teach Iyengar Yoga. This Trademark is used with the permission of Mr. Iyengar.

Lynne Bowsher is a qualified and insured member of IYAC/ACYI (Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada/Association canadienne de yoga Iyengar) and is certified at the Intermediate Junior II Level.

Iyengar Yoga


“A good teacher helps you to explore to the maximum”

– BKS Iyengar

Iyengar Yoga Teachers

Iyengar Yoga teachers are renowned as the best-trained yoga teachers in the world and must complete a minimum 3-5 years of rigorous and disciplined training for even a basic “Introductory Level” of certification. Higher levels of certification take at least another decade of continued personal practice and training.

Classes in the Iyengar method are taught with care and precision according to the level and ability of each student whether beginner or advanced. Certified teachers have an understanding of human anatomy and how it applies to the yoga asanas, as well as a strong foundation in yoga philosophy. this is important as yoga affects us on several levels, physically, mentally, energetically, consciously, and spiritually.

Certified Iyengar teachers will sequence classes in a way that develops strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration and body alignment. Students are taught to progress from class to class and session to session. Teachers will use precise language while teaching and will demonstrate specific points to develop understanding and intelligent action within the students. Individual correction and adjustment of students is done when necessary.

Certified teachers often integrate yoga philosophy in the teaching of asana and pranayama and will teach how to incorporate this relevance of practice into daily life. They will offer ways to use yoga to ease various ailments and stress.

Lynne Bowsher

Lynne had her first taste of yoga in 1979. But it wasn’t until almost 20 years later in 1997 that she was encouraged by her naturopath to take up yoga to help with back problems caused by a skiing accident. Luckily she began taking Iyengar Yoga in Margaret Lunam’s basement studio in Kelowna and has never looked back. In 1999 encouraged by Margaret Lunam she began taking workshops and became involved in teacher training through Vancouver, Victoria and The Kelowna Yoga House. Lynne received her Introductory I/II level of certification in JIyengar Yogaune of 2004.

Lynne loves to share her passion of yoga with her students and in 2005 opened her first studio, A Place For Yoga, in Lake Country. In 2009 she purchased and moved into her present studio, A Place For Yoga and Health in “The Lakes”.

Lynne frequently travels to attend workshops given by Senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers and participates in on-going Teacher Training to upgrade her qualifications and to continue along her yoga journey.

Lynne currently holds her Intermediate Junior II level of Certification. She has traveled five times to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, most recently joining celebrations for BKS Iyengars’ 95th birthday. She has traveled within Canada and the US to study with Geeta Iyengar (BKS Iyengar’s daughter). Lynne has also traveled to Blacons, France to participate in a 4 week intensive taught by Faeq Biria, a long time student of Guruji’s.

Kari Dul

Kari “discovered” yoga in 1998 while enrolled at the University of Alberta. She noticed immediately that yoga helped her to feel more “balanced”.  She was guided by many wonderful teachers from Kari Dulmany traditions.  It was here that she first experienced Iyengar Yoga, and her Senior Teacher, Teddy Hyndman.

Her practice became more serious in 2006, when she began to struggle with constant fatigue and a weak immune system.  In order to become more immersed in yoga, Kari began to pursue yoga teacher training.

Kari became certified with the Yoga Association of Alberta in 2012 and completed her Introductory 2 certification with IYAC in 2014 with the support of the Edmonton Iyengar Yoga Community. She continues to study with national and international Iyengar Yoga teachers.

Having recently relocated to the beautiful Okanagan, Kari is thrilled to be welcomed to the community at The Kelowna Yoga House and to begin teaching at A Place For Yoga and Health in Lake Country.




“As you take pains to learn, continue with devotion what you have learned”

– BKS Iyengar